6 April 2017

The Importance of Minimalism

In this chaotic age, where we're all balancing 101 different commitments and life things, slow living and minimalism are becoming ever more important.

I took up minimalism because I didn't want to deal with unnecessary stresses, but what areas am I minimising specifically?

20 February 2017

Under The Surface

It's been a tough week. Every week at the moment feels like a tough week. I haven't been posting particularly recently because I'm spreading myself thin enough already and blogging every few days would just be one too many things on my plate at the moment!

Life is chaotic. We all have 101 life problems that we don't share with each group of friends or work colleagues... and then it gets to a breaking point.
This week has been my breaking point.

Trying to juggle studying, working, friends, family, relationships, food, exercise, well-being.... the endless to-do list that never gets 100% finished. It seems like an impossible task. The things are too big and too complicated to achieve. So I break the list down into smaller, more manageable tasks.... which just makes the list longer and even more scary!

5 January 2017

2017: Goals

We're a few days into 2017. So far, I haven't started the year with the best start - so time to lose the saying "start how you mean to go on"... my family and I have been having a few set-backs to say the least, I had a huge upheaval and moved home twice in November.... mid-week as well. I've had a complete lifestyle change over the last month or two. So needless to say, blogging wasn't really a priority. I've written plenty of posts, but they're all stuck in draft stage.
I just haven't been in the right mindset. And that's ok.

2016 was a huge change for me. I've been making the transition into becoming a minimalist. My priority for 2016 was to declutter my whole life. That was a huge task, and at the same time I didn't want to be wasteful, so I was going in some categories (and still ongoing) for a long time!
Minimalism has become even more important for me now my life situation has changed and I'm now juggling more than I have ever before.
© Katie L Clark
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