28 June 2016

Turning 21: Reflecting

Today I turn 21! Which I suppose officially makes me an adult in every place on Earth? Every year since I started blogging, I write a reflection piece on my birthday and so I thought it was definitely important to do one this year!

I'm actually writing this on Sunday evening, I'm going to be away on my birthday - feel free to check out the updates on Instagram! But I'll be back and normal again this evening. This year has been a whirlwind. I've now graduated....I have a degree! And I've generally got life sorted out. I've made some huge life changes in the last year.

25 June 2016

Post-Exam Time

So I've now finished! My Philosophy degree at The University of Nottingham is now over! I finished my final exam, received all my marks back and now I'm just waiting until my actual graduation. I will be graduating with a 2:1 in BA Philosophy, and then I shall be moving onto an LLM in Human Rights Law next year. So still in with the chaos I suppose!

I'll be uploading a reflection piece after I graduate so I can sit down and reflect upon my degree and to try and make it useful for anyone thinking of applying to study Philosophy or just generally at Nottingham.

Until then, hope you all have a great weekend and I shall be back with my birthday post on Tuesday!

22 May 2016

5 Spotify Playlists

I recently started paying for Spotify premium... I became sick of the adverts, using up all my data each month on streaming music and not being able to pick which songs I want to listen to! So in the last month, I've been exploring all of the different sections on the app. I used to just listen to the songs I liked, but now I've found some great playlists for different occasions.
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