22 May 2016

5 Spotify Playlists

I recently started paying for Spotify premium... I became sick of the adverts, using up all my data each month on streaming music and not being able to pick which songs I want to listen to! So in the last month, I've been exploring all of the different sections on the app. I used to just listen to the songs I liked, but now I've found some great playlists for different occasions.

17 May 2016

Coffee Time: Preparing For Graduation

I currently just have one exam left in under a week, then I've finished everything in terms of my work for my degree. I have applied for a postgraduate course, providing I reach a certain mark. But one part that is fun to sort out is my graduation. Let's face it, this is what we've all been working for!

14 May 2016

Why I'm Not Vegan

Here's something I've been meaning to address. In case you weren't aware, my computer broke a few weeks before my dissertation was due! -_- But everything is ok now! I got my dissertation in, and now I have more time on my hands, I have been able to fix my computer. 
So I can finally address the concerns that I've been thinking about. If you're eating when you're reading this... probably best to stop now in all honesty! Finish your food and come back later!
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