My Holy Grail Lip Tint

4:46 pm

Regardless of how many lip tints enter the market, there is one single tint that stays close to my heart. Last weekend I travelled up to Yorkshire for the weekend and due to the nature of the trip I was only able to take a very limited makeup and skincare collection. The Tony Tint by Tony Moly is a dear favourite of mine. This post is not intended to be a review at all, I've already posted a review on my previous blog - Tony Tint Full Review - and actually posted a tutorial using the tint (here)


 All this post is doing is simply telling you that if there is one lip product you need to get your hands on, it's the Tony Tint! I totally understand that not everyone has a Tony Moly store near them...however there are so many reliable and trustworthy stores out there (Cosmetic-Love and W2Beauty for example) which sell their products. I wonder if any of you have a favourite lip tint? If you do, please feel free to share it in the comment section below!
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