Pre-University Blues ( + Free Download)

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Today I'm sat in my living room at home with my iced latte, my noise cancelling headphones and I'm sat trying to explain to you all the feelings at the moment. I've tried to start this post so many times, and I can't articulate myself properly at all.

In about 3 weeks now I'll be moving back to Nottingham again for my second year of university and I'm currently in this awkward stage I seem to have experienced over the past terms as well, I'm in no-mans land right now. I'm not living in either place and I'm struggling!

As I did this time last year, I started to become obsessive over making lists! I was creating a list for everything... my clothes, makeup, skincare, stationary, bedroom and bathroom items... and even though I still have all the lists from last year and hundreds of people have put them online, I still feel the need to create my own. I thought it might be a good idea to share what I'm taking with me this year with you all.

Where do I live?

This question sounds a lot creepier than it actually is! I live in catered halls at The University of Nottingham and this will be my second year there. Being in a catered hall means that the hall provides all of my food and therefore I don't have to worry about "the weekly shop" and taking all of the kitchen utensils with me. 
My hall provides 3 meals on week days and 2 on each of the weekend days: Breakfast, lunch and dinner on week days and brunch and dinner on the weekend.
Personally I'm enjoying this setup. I know it's really not for everyone, but it suits me perfectly fine! It's cheaper, less to worry about and I know I can get a balanced meal... plus if any of you have spotted my food pictures on Instagram, most of these are from my halls!

What's In My List?

Before you download my list, I'll let you know it's really aimed at those who are planning on moving into halls without needing to worry about food. If you have to cook for yourself at university, feel free to use this list and add in whatever cooking utensils you need!

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy the list! If you have any other recommendations of things I should take before I return, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below so I don't forget it!

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