My HG: Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser

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So I thought it was finally time to share with you all what I've been keeping secret for so many years. My moisturiser! I've searched high and low for the perfect super hydrating moisturiser and it turned out it's been sat in front of my nose the whole time...
But first, let me share with you my skincare story to give you some background into this product:

Liz Earle Moisturiser

My Moisturiser 

Winding back to when I was about 12 years old and started to use moisturiser, at the time my mum was using the Olay moisturiser for sensitive skin and therefore I just used that. I also used the makeup removal cloths when I started to wear makeup (the wipe type thing that you would have to put under the tap to activate the soap and that would act as a makeup wipe... I used to have boxes of the stuff!) and that seemed like a great routine. They were both the same brand and therefore in my mind, that meant they worked. 

However the Olay was too heavy for my skin, it clogged my pores and they couldn't breathe and cleanse properly. Around the time I was beginning to go off the Olay, my mum discovered Liz Earle. I remember her buying the sample set for me which contained the cleanser, moisturiser and toner in a spray bottle along with a muslin cloth. Later on she purchased the spot on treatment and the full size versions. Honestly, I loved Liz Earle however being the rebellious teenager I decided to branch out and try different brands. 

I went over to Simple and tried their Kind to Skin daily moisturiser and that one is lovely as well, it's far more watery in texture but honestly isn't as moisturising.

I experimented with some Korean brands, tried Skin Food, Etude House and The Face Shop however shipping them over to the UK on a regular basis was a hassle. Particularly because the results aren't that different to British products. 

I even tried an Avon product, but that's another story! If you would like to hear about the not so positive side to my moisturiser life then feel free to leave a comment below and I can post about that experience as well.

This year I decided to make the switch back, my mum was placing an order with Liz Earle and for once I decided to join in. I ordered the Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser for Combination/Oily skin. And I'm in love. Again. I'm never going back, thank you Liz and I shall never turn my back on you again!

The Ingredients?

As with all Liz Earle products, the "Naturally Active Ingredients" subheading is featured under the product name. This moisturiser contains: Borage and avocado oil, echinacea, beta-carotene and natural vitamin E.

An interesting thing to note is that it does contain parfum but that's not a particularly important factor for me!

What Does It Claim?

Well being a moisturiser of course the primary concern is hydration. I have the combination/oily version which is great for me. I have a very oily t-zone with a dry u-zone and normal cheeks. 

It claims to be:

"Light, gentle and balancing for fresh, naturally healthy skin"

And I completely agree.

It's so light that I barely notice that it's there. I sometimes wonder whether I should put more on because it sinks in so quickly, but a little goes a long way. Unlike the Simple, Liz Earle needs barely a pump for the whole face.

Liz Earle Moisturiser

My second favourite part other than the texture of course, is the philosophy of the brand. Liz Earle's products are cruelty free and contain no animal extracts. This is of course an added bonus, I was brought up in a vegetarian household and therefore it's always a plus!

Finally, the packaging is great. The lid has a satisfying click and never falls off. The pump distributes the right amount of product for the face and doesn't leave a horrid sticky mess behind.

Why I Love It...

For everything honestly. Everything about this product is great. The scent - it has the signature 'Liz Earle' scent which is beautifully natural, the packaging and the texture of the product. This moisturiser has it down to a tee.

Skin Repair Light. I'm sorry I cheated on you. I promise I won't do it again, let's stick together from now on ok?

Do you have a HG (Holy Grail) product or a favourite moisturiser to share? Leave a comment in the box below and let's all fangirl together!

Have a great day and until next time, stay beautiful!

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*Pictures were taken on a background of the 2014 December issue of ELLE (the feminist issue)*

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