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And so, here's another seasonal post. This time its becoming even colder and therefore it's time to switch into the moisturising and protecting. I've created a post today on just a simple selection of my favourite moisturising products!

It's important to not only moisturise but also to protect the skin from any damage that could occur due to the cold weather! Remember that not only the face needs protecting, but also the rest of the body, hair and lips!

So here's my edit for this season:


Of course, it's the Argan Oil that we all love. This is the healing shine hair treatment and I actually bought this from the travel section in Primark (only about £3 if I remember rightly?). It was originally supposed to be for my swimming/gym kit to put on after I'd showered there, but it's lasting so long that I've actually been using it as a daily treatment. 

I just put a small (about 10p sized) amount onto my palm, rub them together and then put this throughout the lower half of my hair. It definitely makes a huge amount of difference! My hair was becoming rather damaged for a while due to excessive heat usage, but this has saved it!


And here I'm mentioning a brand which some of you may not be familiar with. The bird shaped item is actually a hand cream, from a South Korean beauty brand called Etude House. If you're interested the full name is "ETUDE HOUSE Missing U I Can Fly" hand cream and I have the version called Cerulean Warbler. I've found the hand cream on eBay through a seller I've used before here. So feel free to check that one out! 

Honestly any hand cream will do and although I love this one, there's nothing really special about it! I just like the packaging. Just make sure you have hand creams everywhere, I have one in my bag, by my sink, my bed and desk. Think of places you go to regularly and times where it might be convenient to use it and stick them everywhere!


The same rule applies to the lips, I have lip balms dotted around everywhere. Vaselines, Body Shop editions and Etude House tinted lip balms. I try to keep tin lip treatments inside and sticks for my bag as they're more hygienic for on the go.

On a slightly different note... isn't the new vintage edition of Vaseline so cute? I just had to buy one when they were released!


I'm not including a moisturiser as I recently posted my review of my HG moisturiser and therefore it's kind of obvious which I'd pick. But I thought I'd share my serum. At the moment I'm giving myself a Vitamin E boost and so my serum is also the same type. This one is The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil.

I genuinely love it. It comes in the usual pipette form and has a slight scent. It has a very watery texture and dries slightly oily (or dewy I suppose) but as this is an overnight treatment, this isn't really an issue! It's an 8 hour treatment so it works as you sleep.

The only issue I have is that I've tried samples of other brands serums and I actually prefer them. If you'd like to check some out then try ordering samples of:
Missha's The First Treatment Essence
The Face Shop's Essence range
Skin Food's Avacado Rich Essence
Skin Food's Peach Sake Serum 
So I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing this one honestly as I seemed to prefer some essences!


Once again I'm not planning on including a basic body butter or lotion because I'm actually planning on sharing mine soon... instead I have the Planet Spa African Shea Butter foot and elbow cream. Planet Spa is a sub section of AVON and if I'm going to buy from them, I'll get the Planet Spa section.

I suffer from really awful feet and elbows if I don't use this. It's very strong and therefore you don't need much and I prefer to apply this at night. This sits in a drawer next to my desk and it smells great!

Do you have any favourite moisturising products that you'd like to share in the comment section below? Remember sharing is caring <3

Until next time, stay beautiful ladies!

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*once again, the photo on this post contains a background from the December 2014 edition of ELLE*

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