Wishlist Wednesday: Stationary and Organisation.

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Stationary and Organisation Inspiration

If there's one thing I definitely love about the internet it's the whole filofaxing and organisation community. My guilty pleasure is to sit watching how people organise their filofaxes on YouTube... so I thought I'd share my pinterest board and a few recommendations regarding schedulers/planners. And also share which one I will be using next year!

Next year I will be purchasing an ICONIC planner. ICONIC are a Korean brand and I shall be buying mine from a seller on eBay which I have used to buy my planners in previous years.
For 2015 I will be using either the Colette Diary or the Pochette Wallet Diary. If you would like to also check out the seller I use the shop is: Everyday Happy Smile.
The previous 2014 year, I've used a Moleskine planner which has been wonderful and classic looking but would prefer something prettier!

Check out the pinterest board above, that's where I organise all of my favourite planner inspiration and organising tips for future reference! I love searching through pinterest for tips and ideas. I've now been converted to using washi tape, for sticking down lists and photos rather than just for decoration though. I really am a "practical-decoration" person and so I love my stickers and my huge sticker box, but each sticker needs a purpose and has to add something to the section!

If anyone has some great organising tips feel free to share them below. And finally, do you use a planner? If so, do you prefer 12 or 18 month planners and do you have a favourite brand (or dream brand) of planner?

Have a wonderful day and until next time, stay beautiful!

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