3 College Outfits for Final Exams

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Afternoon everyone! So it's officially boxing day and I haven't blogged for a while... Simply because I've been busy studying, I'm not going to lie. I've been having my head stuck in a book and I keep wanting to blog but I know it will end up in a huge procrastination issue.

Today's post is more of a style post which was inspired by this post here written by the wonderful Her Campus, shout out to them because they're great! Go ahead and open this article up in another tab because their post is more centred around college sweatshirts whereas mine is just going to be on general outfits.

It's now almost finals/January exams. That means one thing. Lazy outfits. We get to the point where we all start rolling out of bed and forgetting about cute outfits. Here I've created a no fail selection of three default outfits. Pick your definition of comfortable, don't choose finals week to start wearing a ton of jewelry. Don't do anything ridiculously daring or any makeup that needs touch ups.
I love a red lip so I stick to lip tints that stay in place all day and I don't have to worry about it.

Librarian Chic

This is one of my favourite combinations. Sometimes you have those days where you just want to crawl up in a ball and study in the library. This outfit ensures that you'll fit in to the environment perfectly. On this outfit, grab those horrible reading glasses that you've owned for years, pair it with a practical pair of shoes (which you can conveniently slip off when you want to stick your feet up - I recommend a scarf for this... it's not always socially acceptable to get your bare feet out in the library xD) Then pair it with some cute jeans and a crisp shirt. I've added a watch here because it's still important to accessorise, but just make sure you do it in the right way (rather than huge bangles!)

College Outfit #1

College Cutie

This outfit shows a more playful side. The accent on the clutch is adding a more 'I've actually sat down and put this outfit together rather than just pick up clothes from my floordrobe look'. You may think that a clutch is not practical, but one big enough is great! The amount of people who walk around campus with a rucksack (which is clearly almost empty) and then their laptop bag in their arms, you may as well just have a clutch. In the days of ultrabooks and tablets - or even using library computers! We don't need to take around huge ugly laptop bags. 
Pair this with your university jumper and a cute skater skirt for a sweeter and more girly vibe. Adding some simple flats which can be slipped on and off - I seriously don't have time for all the laces and buckles at university, I don't have the patience for that!
Then I added a scrunchy... because they're cute! Do I need any more justification? You could also pair this outfit with tights if you'd like it a little more covered.

College Outfit #2

College Classic

This isn't a typical college outfit. I do acknowledge that. But the comfort in these outfits is unreal. It's all about the power dressing. Dress like you mean business. This outfit scream productive and I can hold myself together! What is going to get more work done? This outfit or a 5 year old tracksuit from high school? Yep. This one trumps.
Once again we're sticking with the simple flats because ain't nobody got time for heels.
A bow takes the place of the scrunchy as the hair will then be off your face as you're typing, once again we have the return of the watch for practical accessorising. The shirt/pencil skirt combination as a beautiful feminine almost sexy appeal to the outfit. Adding a sturdy classic black bag completes the look and gives you somewhere to put that planner you always forget to write in!

College Outfit #3

I hope you all enjoyed my outfit choices, as usual feel free to head over to my Polyvore account to see the original posts of the sets I created for this! If any one has any college/university outfit ideas then feel free to share down below. Also if you have any related posts please link them in the comment section! And don't forget to visit HerCampus' post which is at the top of the page. 

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful boxing day everyone!

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