Empties | Spring 2015 Edition

2:48 pm

Once again we're at that point where I'm starting to use up products. Over the autumn/winter of last year I decided to go on a huge cutback on skincare and makeup and am forcing myself to use up products before buying a new one.
And so, firstly that means I haven't bought makeup in a long time... but it also means I'm using up the things I love and the things I don't love so much!

I only have three empties to share with you today, but I have two holy grail products to try and influence you to buy... and one that is not so much. And so, without further ado... let's see the products!

Garnier Micellar Water

I originally bought two bottles when it was first released. Boots held a deal that was buy one get one half price if I remember rightly? So I thought I'd pick it up because it looked like Bioderma and I have extremely sensitive skin.

It was a great idea! It actually took me just under a year to use the first bottle up and now I'm onto my second. I use it as my makeup remover step before my cleanse and it's wonderful. I'm also glad I tried this rather than Bioderma! Being a student, I'm always trying to find the best skincare/makeup deals and I feel as though I succeeded here. If you're looking for a new makeup remover, this one is lovely and gentle.

Although the bottle is huge and you probably think that it's hard to travel with, just decant it into a smaller bottle and you're good to go.

There's no perfume, it's hypoallergenic and therefore it's great for us sensitive skin people! The water lasts around 200 uses and it's just great!
If you'd like to try it, it's available at Boots!

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Just for reference, I'm the shade No. 21! And this is my holy grail BB cream. The coverage is great, it's blendable... it offers a dewy finish without looking greasy throughout the day and most importantly I don't feel as though I'm wearing makeup with it on.

I'm actually not off to repurchase this right now, as I would like to try out a BB compact. I've been meaning to buy one for a while but I decided to force myself to use up the millions of BB creams I already had before justifying another purchase. Now I have finished this (and also the Skin79 Hot Pink) I'm starting to get to a more reasonable point again.

I do love this BB cream, however I do feel as though  the application would be easier if it were in a compact and therefore I'm now on the hunt for the same or similar formula in cushion compact form.
If you would like to purchase this BB cream, it's available on Amazon and also with major Korean Beauty Online Stores.

I has wrinkle and blemish "healing" and I'd describe it more as a medium coverage BB cream, which is good for a BB cream honestly! And has all the whitening and anti-wrinkle properties that regular Korean BB creams have.
It's 50ml, SPF 42 PA+++ and is just generally great!

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

I am so glad I didn't buy the full size of this product. I received the sample size in Elle's Feminism Edition issue and decided to give that a go.

The product actually didn't come out originally, I wanted to wear it out on a dinner date but I couldn't get it to work and so had to revert back to my regular Dolly Wink liner... and then I tried again a few days later. It flaked, it faded quickly and everything about it was just wrong.

I hope my sample was just a poor dried out one and wasn't a clear representation of the product! If it was, I can't understand what the hype was about!

Thank you Benefit, but no thank you! I'll stick to Dolly Wink.

So those are my current empties! I've been hoarding these bottles for a long time now, so I can finally throw the packaging out. Honestly, if someone could explain why bloggers are so great at hoarding packaging that would be wonderful!

Thanks for visiting and until next time, stay beautiful ladies!

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