Travel: What I Could Have Skipped

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I recently returned home from a holiday. We traveled over to Devon for the week (via car) and so I had no size restrictions. As long as it fitted in my bag then it's good to go!
I'm usually quite good when it comes to packing clothes and can go home with every item used, however when it comes to skincare and makeup... this is where I tend to over pack!

For this trip I made sure everything fitted into this roll up toiletry bag from Cath Kidston which seemed like a sensible idea to have every item in here and then hanging on the back of the door. It's not too big or too small, and is easy to get into (I can't stand bags where you have to rummage down to the bottom to find one small item!) So if you'd like to check out the bags they're available here.

Things I Used

There were a lot of items that were really useful, and even though this post is about what I could have skipped out on, most of my products were still used. 

For example, the travel razor in the bottom of the picture above was excellent! It was really helpful being in a case so the blades didn't cut anything (my shower flower for example!)
I also brought with me the whole of The Body Shop Mojito collection (well everything that I own from it anyway) and the scrub and body butter were really well used.

My makeup was pretty parred down and I'll be sharing a makeup tutorial soon using all of my travel kit so I'll leave those items for now, it was pretty basic however and with it being a beach holiday with my family, there wasn't much of a need for makeup anyway. 

Things I Packed "Just In Case"

These things I honestly didn't think I'd use... From the Liz Earle sample size foot scrub to the selection of face masks and two shower gels!
Why I thought I needed choice with shower gel, I have no idea. But I packed both my Mojito showergel and my L'Occitane shower oil... I only used the latter. 

I also didn't use my Micellar water, with the makeup being a lot lighter I didn't find that I needed it in all honesty! If I was wearing eyeliner, it probably would have been more worthwhile. However I was using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for most of my cleansing.

Things I Really Didn't Need

I packed a sample bar of L'Occitane soap... in case two cleansers and two showergels didn't leave me clean enough!
I didn't need my nail polishes. I only packed them because I didn't get a chance to do my nails before leaving, but that didn't particularly bother me. And so I will remember to do them before I leave and then leave these at home considering they're in a glass bottle!

Multiple lip balms! I brought a tiny travel sized lip balm along with Vaseline... really one would have been fine!

Putting everything into perspective, there were an awful lot of products that I didn't need or use whilst I was away. However some of the products such as the L'Occitane shampoo and showeroil, the Cleanse & Polish and the Super Skin Concentrate were really useful.

Rather than doing a packing post, I'm glad I've been able to evaulate this trip to learn how to create more packing space next time. 
I'm going on holiday again in a few weeks time and so let's see how my packing changes to reflect this!
Have a lovely morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are and see you next time!


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