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So this post is a follow up almost of the skincare post I did after my last holiday. For this second summer holiday, I went over to Center Parcs for a week. I've been holidaying in Center Parcs for over 15 years now, so my skincare this time was a lot more concise as I knew exactly what to expect.

Just as an overview, I spent most of the holiday in the spa or swimming pool - which explains the lack of makeup! The rest of the time I spent with my family. We went out to eat a few evenings and so I wanted to have a few options. I took a few luxuries on this one due to it being a relaxing holiday as opposed to a beach adventure!

This is the bag I used, the same as the previous holiday.. This pouch is from Cath Kidston and I love it! It contains 4 pouches, the 2 opaque ones are removable (with poppers) and there are also 2 pouches that have a window.

I separated my items into categories. Shower items went into the clear pouch at the bottom. Skincare items went into the large opaque pouch, makeup in the smaller. Toothbrush and any luxuries - serums and face masks - went into the top windowed section.

I kept the makeup simple for this trip. My current foundation is in a glass bottle and so to not risk breaking it and staining the whole bag, I packed a week's worth of foundation into a small plastic tub.
Along with this I brought one lip colour, which also doubled as blush to keep things simple. Then one small eyeshadow trio. These colours look great with the lip colours and it kept things easy for daytime.
Then a basic black liner for any evening events, my eyebrow pencil and my favourite mascara at the moment. I also packed a simple clip in there to keep my hair off my face when I'm doing my makeup, and a mirror just in case I took this pouch on the go.

Finally, here's the skincare. I took quite a few products, because I travelled with only minis... I could pack a lot into this small pouch.

The contact lens case actually holds a body scrub in one side and a body butter in the other. Then I have mini shampoo, condition, shower oil, cleanser, toner and hand cream. The cuticle oil in the top left (from L'Occitane) is full size, but it's a small product anyway. The yellow vial is the Liz Earle Super Skin Concentrate in a sample size. There is a travel size rollerball, but I have so many of these small tubes that I thought I'd get rid of a few.
I took sachets of a mud mask and a rice & sake mask. And brought a travel toothbrush, shower flower, razor and comb. The comb didn't get much use honestly.... I just stuck to my hairbrush, next time I'll just bring a full-size comb considering it's flat anyway!

I didn't picture a deodorant in this post, simply because it stayed in my bag as opposed to in the pouch packed... the same rule goes for my hairbrush!

I've learnt a lot about packing through this trip, just as I did with the previous one. This time I did actually use every product I brought and was glad I brought everything with me.
How do you pack? Are you a light packer or do you struggle against the zip to get it into the bag?

Until next time, have a great morning, afternoon or evening!


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