What To Pack: Spa Trip

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I've just come back from holiday, and whilst I was away I visited a spa 5 out of 7 days... When this post is going up I'll actually be in one again!

I have been going to Aqua Sana, and today's post will show you exactly what you need to pack. I've been visiting this spa for 6 years now and so I think I might have reached expert level now!
If anyone is wondering, if you're reading this just as it's going up, I'm at the Woburn Forest Aqua Sana now.

Packing for a spa is relatively simple. The most important points being: What does the spa provide? How long will you be there for? What are you planning on doing afterwards?

So my trips are usually a day long, I'm either on holiday and so am going back to my villa on village afterwards, or going home. The Aqua Sana itself provides robes, towels, shower toiletries and hairdryers. So I need to remember to pack any flip flops or slippers myself.

Check if your spa provides towels. If so, how many are you getting? Will you want a separate towel for the spa to when you're getting changed? I usually use a few towels throughout the day, which is fine!
The same rules apply for robes as well.

With slippers and flip flops, it seems to all be on personal preference. Most spas seem to have them either included or for purchase. I tend to wear flip flops in my outfit there and so I have them if I need them. I only use them in outside areas anyway. If you'd like to use them inside you might like slippers more?

Also check the dress code for the spa, if there are certain requirements or expectations it's probably best to stick to them.
As to whether to wear a full costume or bikini? Although I believe in dressing modestly, I still wear a bikini in the spa. The reason for this being that it's just far more comfortable, I dry off quicker and it seems more hygienic as I can wash any sweat away rather than it sticking to the costume! (TMI?)
Remember you'll be in a robe probably 70% of the time and just wear something you'll be comfortable in!

On the subject of toiletries to bring it honestly depends on how long you're staying, what you're planning on doing and what your spa provides.
If you're going for the day, you probably just want to wash your hair and maybe some basic skincare.
For reference I usually take: Cleanser, serum, body moisturiser and conditioner. Everything else (foot scrubs, body scrubs, masks etc.) can be done before or after if you're just going for the day. However if it's a weekend break you may want some of these depending on your usual routine!

In short, if you're going for the day... take the bare essentials. For any spa trip though, take things that make you comfortable and happy. Use your favourite cleanser, take your favourite dress. The spa is all about relaxation and so take things you feel and look great in. It's one less thing to worry about after all.

Have a great day, if you've searched for this because you're having a trip - then enjoy! If not, take some time out and relax at home with a DIY spa day!



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