Coffee Time

11:48 am

Morning everyone! Today it's time for another coffee time post. Just to sit down and update you on my life. I love writing these posts because I can just start writing and see where I end up, it's my chance to properly share life things.


So I've now moved into my new house and am in my final year of university! So everything is becoming rather serious now. I'm now cooking and cleaning for myself and deciding on careers and things... which I'm still undecided as to how scary this all is.

But everything seems to be working out well so far so that's all lovely in that respect. So if anyone could send over any homemaking tips, recipes and things that would be great! I'm struggling on the food end at the moment in all honesty, think I might have run out of things to cook already...


Trying to get on top of planning as well, my planner is just not holding up for me anymore. I bought an A5 planner from Paperchase at the start of the year which was working great. I now am using my online Sunrise calendar (which synchronises with Google Calendar) a lot more. It's portable (unlike the huge desktop one) because I can have it on my laptop, tablet and phone. And means I can move events around when plans change.


My course is really interesting this year and I've finally started feeling comfortable with my course again, I'm enjoying the reading and getting into the content. I'm glad I'm in a position where I'm choosing to revise and study more. I always struggle to motivate myself to do work that I'm not interested in, and so when I'm interested, the work seems to basically do itself!

And so that seems to be about everything that has happened recently, it's been more a case of catching up and settling down again. But I'm hoping to blog as frequently as I can throughout this term!

Thanks for tuning in :)


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