Dressing Modestly

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Recently I've changed the way I dress. It's been a gradual shift, something I hadn't particularly noticed at first. The more I read and the more I saw online, the more modestly I dressed. Partially due to a shift in my mindset, but also due to the fact that I wasn't feeling that some of my outfits were showing a sense of respect to myself

So what do I class as modesty? In all honesty, my view on modesty is quite fluid. At the end of the day, I'm a 20-year-old university student. I think these standards will change as my situation changes. 

The basics?

No cleavage shown

This one has always been a rule, but I'm just reinforcing this. This is something I've always followed just simply because there seems to be no reason to show it anyway! 
Now it is more a case of keeping the area to myself, for privacy reasons more than anything.

Similarly as a subtopic here, I'm going to add sleeves! I'm not fussy about the length, but I do always have sleeves (on everything other than pyjamas).


I try to keep my stomach area covered at all times, partially as a style thing - I feel as though it makes my figure sit strangely if I show my stomach, partially a comfort thing.... how can I learn properly if I'm worried about my stomach? And probably most importantly, to add to the self-respect aspect. I don't need to show it. So why should I? For attention? Is that really wanted....?

Skirt/Shorts length

This is something I'm more lenient on, regarding skirts I'm tending to go around the knee area. I'm not particularly strict about where the skirt hits... It's more if I'm comfortable in it. 
I also do wear shorts. I tend to restrict when I wear these, but probably 90% times it's as pyjamas anyway.
This rule seems to be more a case of what I'm comfortable in and what I feel shows respect to myself and my body.

And so, that's an overview of my views on modesty! 

Why modesty?

My views on modesty extend more to an inward view. A view on self-respect, as opposed to being for the benefit of others. Yes, it may be beneficial to others. But my first concern when getting dressed is whether the outfit is comfortable, appropriate to the situation (work, university, date, etc) and if it honours God. 
If it does all of these things, it gets a tick in my book!

For The Benefit of Men?

The only thing I will be definite on here is my modesty is not for the benefit of men. Simply from my personal experience, it doesn't feel particularly healthy to base all my decisions around the opinions of men. Some men will want you to dress modestly, others for you to dress provocatively. I aim to ignore both sides of the argument and dress for myself. I keep in mind men's opinions on modesty, but this doesn't particularly influence my clothing decisions.

If you would like to see more examples of what clothing inspires me, I've linked my Pinterest Style Board below. I share examples of clothing I like and elements I'd like to work into my outfits.

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