5 Tips For Productivity

12:20 pm

Sometimes we might think we're being super productive… but when we go ahead and start fully evaluating our actions and behaviour, we're less than desirable. 
We're working twice as hard to produce half as much work, working late at night and making bad decisions on how to spend our time. 
This means that we're not working to our full potential! 

Here's five tips you can use to work on your productivity 

Wake Up Early

One thing that seems to slip first is getting up early. It's so tempting to have a lie-in and enjoy sleep. But rather than focusing on getting up early, remember to go to bed early at the same time. Waking up early doesn't have to mean losing sleep, just plan to go to bed earlier. If you want to wake up an hour earlier, you also need to go to sleep an hour earlier! 

Eat a proper breakfast

Remember to sit down and actually eat breakfast. It doesn't matter so much what you eat, but try to not have a breakfast bar on the way to class or work. It's so relaxing having time for yourself in the morning, so remember to create that time to start your day off properly!

Plan your day

Take a pen and paper or your favourite app - I love using a combination of OneNote and Wunderlist for creating lists and Sunrise as my calendar - and map out your day. Write down all of your appointments, even if it's just remembering to go food shopping after work. Write down all your tasks and put a check box on there so you can physically tick it off. No cheating! 

Be realistic

This is the one that is most easily forgotten. Don't set yourself 500 tasks when you have a full day of work. Realistically speaking, it's not going to get done. So don't dishearten yourself by setting too many tasks for you to finish. It's fine to carry over a few tasks every day, but don't create a week's worth of tasks to do in a day. It's the quickest way to demotivate you!

Learn balance

Don't spend the whole time working. Likewise, don't spend the whole time socialising. Mix up your activities, when your productivity is decreasing, know when to stop and take a break. When my productivity goes, rather than sitting on Facebook I try to get away from the computer… and go to the gym or swimming. Physically splitting up time by doing very different activities keeps you mind working!

I hope these tips are helpful, what do you do to try and stay productive when you don't want to work?

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