Why I Am Vegetarian

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And so, with how much food I'm beginning to cook, eat and take pictures of (And soon upload to my new blog Instagram, check it out here) I thought I ought to use a quick post to explain something which is probably very important before addressing food posts!

I'm Vegetarian

Yep, that's right! So you won't be seeing any meat posts on this blog, great news hopefully for all the other vegetarians or people looking for a few meat free ideas. 
I'd been debating whether to include any food related things to my blog for a while, I'm at University so it's been pretty hard to cook throughout my degree, but this year we have moved into a house. We've finally got into a routine with our cooking and eating and things, so I thought I'd share. 

Why Are You Vegetarian?

I've actually never eaten meat. Ever. Yep. That includes chicken (why do people always ask if that includes chicken?!) My mum is vegetarian and so my brothers and I have just been brought up this way. Why is my mum relevant? Well, mum's have to taste their babies food to check that it's ok! And so, when we were younger, this diet made the most sense. 

I'm now 20 and I've never particularly considered eating meat seriously. I'm not so much a moral vegetarian, almost just one out of habit!

Why Is This Relevant?

I felt like it was important here to give a back story. Although I'm vegetarian, I still eat cheeses and drink wines that might not necessarily be free of animal products. I don't eat meat and fish. So anything that is a direct product from the flesh.... the obvious bacon and things. But I usually end up eating a lot of things which I suppose are considered to be the grey area of vegetarianism. 

Eating On A Budget

My boyfriend eats meat, and so when we buy our food we are purchasing both meat products and vegetarian alternatives. I don't tend to eat a lot of frozen Quorn/tofu type foods and we eat a lot of fresh foods. It is slightly more expensive to eat like this, but I don't want a diet of Quorn in different shapes!

And so, I'm planning on sharing a meal planning post soon so you can all see exactly what my typical week of food looks like, to answer the age-old question "so what do you actually eat?"

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