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I recently started paying for Spotify premium... I became sick of the adverts, using up all my data each month on streaming music and not being able to pick which songs I want to listen to! So in the last month, I've been exploring all of the different sections on the app. I used to just listen to the songs I liked, but now I've found some great playlists for different occasions.

Morning/Getting Ready Playlist

I've always listened to music when I've been getting ready in the morning. I used to use speakers in a docking station (which also functioned as my alarm) and so it's just part of my routine. I love background noise! I like to listen to relaxing music in the morning. I'm not the type of person to get up early and start doing things straight away! I like to spend my time getting ready and up and sorted in the morning. 
So for the morning playlist, I'm going for Your Favorite Coffeehouse. I love this playlist. It's pretty acoustic, just chilled out...basically coffee songs! The type of music you could sit reading and drinking a latte. 
Which is my idea of a good morning!

The Workout Playlist

These are pretty personal, I like to listen to k-pop playlists because that's the type of music I enjoy. I have two types of workout, my cardio one that I use at the gym... and then I have a yoga/aerobics one for more relaxed workouts. For the gym one I use: Fantastic K-Workout
Stick to songs you love and ones that have a good beat!

Study Playlist

I love the study playlist section! In all honesty, I swap around between these... but there is one I keep coming back to - Peaceful Piano. I love the consistency, some of the study playlists have quite a variety of tracks and so it throws your concentration! But this one is great for just focusing on reading or writing. 

The Walking Playlist

This is the one I use when I'm walking to and from lectures, when I'm wandering around campus. I love taking my time and just wandering around. So I enjoy playing indie playlists for this. They're pretty relaxing and I can just have them as background music to prepare myself for the day. I either like K-indie Picks - which plays Korean indie music - or Relaxing Indie Acoustic. I have these two downloaded for offline so I don't use any data when I'm walking!

The Housework Playlist

Sometimes you just need some music to help motivate you when you need to clean! I use this one as my cooking and cleaning playlist, I swap around...and in all honesty, I sometimes use the workout ones for this purpose! But I listen to K-pop Daebak for this! Like the workout one, this one is personal to your music tastes. Something you can sing along to and enjoy yourself though ;) 

I'm loving my premium at the moment, so if you've got any good playlists feel free to send them to me! And my Spotify username is katielouiseclark if you fancy following me on Spotify! 

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