Why I'm Not Vegan

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Here's something I've been meaning to address. In case you weren't aware, my computer broke a few weeks before my dissertation was due! -_- But everything is ok now! I got my dissertation in, and now I have more time on my hands, I have been able to fix my computer. 
So I can finally address the concerns that I've been thinking about. If you're eating when you're reading this... probably best to stop now in all honesty! Finish your food and come back later!

I'm currently not vegan. I'm gradually replacing things and slowly finding alternatives to what I'm doing. I'm effectively following the same process as I am for doing zero waste. Although, it'll be a quicker transition to become vegan in my mind!

So let's take a quick overview of my diet as of today!

My Diet

My diet is very dairy heavy at the moment. Not from milk surprisingly though. I have a real problem with cheese. 
I've suffered from acid reflux since I was a baby, recently I've really suffered more. 

I used to live on campus in halls, they'd cook my meals for me. However the standard British Vegetarian diet consists mainly of cheese and tomatoes. (Seriously, that's the default veggie combination). I have a real sensitivity to acidic foods - that is what causes my reflux. So often I would remove the tomato. Just leaving me with cheese. 

I've now started tracking my meals, and I'm genuinely having cheese within every meal. When I organise Christmas dinners, I'm always on cheese duty.... because I love cheese. 

I've been suffering from this again recently though - stress acts as a trigger along with having more acidic food....but little did I realise until recently that the dairy I love so much, is also a cause?!

For a few weeks, I cut out milk. I switched to soy milk. However I didn't change my cheese. I then concluded that it wasn't the dairy that was the problem here, and went back to my old ways. I didn't even think through the elephant in the room. 

I was still eating the cheese. 

As I said, I don't really drink much milk. I usually have green and spearmint teas, and I usually pick something else over cereal in the morning! So changing to soy milk or almond milk made very little difference in terms of my health!

Where To Now?

I was supposed to write this post pre-Cowspiracy... but if you saw on Twitter, I've already watched it now! It was a really interesting documentary actually, and I'm gradually working through all of the other recommendations that appeared on Netflix as a result. 

I started watching The Vegan Couple on Youtube....and if I'm going to be perfectly honest... I found them harsh to begin with. They were commenting on other Youtubers diets, and I wasn't used to the concern with other people. But once I started to watch vegan videos that weren't a response to someone else, I warmed to them and the other vegan Youtubers in the community. 

I've realised my problem is dairy and eggs. And so, I'm cutting it out! I'm a student and so I'm not going to be throwing it all away and starting again, as great as that would be...I'm careful with my money and I don't stock up on dairy, so I just won't be buying it again after this batch runs out. 

My biggest worry is where to now. I can handle the milk switch, that's easy. But the cheese and eggs? That means a diet change, which means I need to rethink what I'm cooking and baking.

I do live at Uni a lot of the time, however, I do go back home to my parents during the holidays. This is not an issue at all with my parents! I've been brought up vegetarian. My parents are therefore pretty open-minded when it comes to diet-related things. They are aware how much I've been struggling with my diet and acid reflux, and I have a great doctor who actually already told me to cut back on dairy. So just highlighting that I'll have very little family problems!

Vegan vs. Plant-Based

One distinction I've recently become aware of is this one above. Vegans distinguish themselves between those who just don't eat dairy, eggs and meat.... and those who also don't use animal products in terms of what they wear and use cosmetically. 

I wasn't aware that was a thing before looking into this... I've always used (or tried to - companies who mysteriously start testing on animal!! -_-) cruelty-free makeup and skincare. I have sensitive skin, the companies that produce good skincare for my skin are usually vegan-friendly anyway! But I do have a few leather bags. 

I seem to be ok on the leather shoe front, I don't own a leather jacket... but I do have a sheepskin rug. 

I've always thought of it in the way that these animals would be wasted for meat otherwise... but I will now stop buying animal products - where possible. 

I shall not however, be getting rid of the stuff I have until it wears out. I am zero waste and if I get rid of it now, the animal's life has gone largely to waste. Instead, I shall take care of the products I have (which amounts to a purse - a gift - and my rug - which I was unaware of being real when I purchased it!.... Thanks Ikea... :/) 

This post was just intended to let you know where I stand... I'm currently transitioning to zero waste and vegan. If anyone is wondering, I'm using Lauren Singer (Trash is for Tossers) as my inspiration for lifestyle choices. 

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