Turning 21: Reflecting

8:30 am

Today I turn 21! Which I suppose officially makes me an adult in every place on Earth? Every year since I started blogging, I write a reflection piece on my birthday and so I thought it was definitely important to do one this year!

I'm actually writing this on Sunday evening, I'm going to be away on my birthday - feel free to check out the updates on Instagram! But I'll be back and normal again this evening. This year has been a whirlwind. I've now graduated....I have a degree! And I've generally got life sorted out. I've made some huge life changes in the last year.

Going Plant-Based

The biggest change I've made this year is definitely the transition to a plant-based diet. It's still in the process and I'm slowly making diet changes because I know this is the way I can make a sustainable change that is actually going to work for me in the long term. I am slowly changing my habits to cut out the dairy in my life.


Once again, something that's also still in progress. I'm very lucky to live on the campus of the most sustainable University in the world.... and so the process so far has been pretty simple. Being zero-waste is the main factor that stops me from going vegan. Sometimes leather and other such materials might be the most sustainable - non-plastic - option... So far I haven't bought anything leather. But I do use a leather bag at the moment. 
The hardest thing to cut out at the moment in terms of going zero-waste has definitely been spinach/salad packaging. I haven't found anywhere that sells salad or spinach etc. loose...

KonMari and Minimalism

This kind of started last year as well as this year... but I've finally got into a decluttering habit! Not a huge lifestyle change for me, as I've always stuck to this naturally anyway. But it's nice to know there's a community of people out there to support the movement!

General Life

I've finished my Philosophy degree, and then decided I'd like to stay on for another year to do my masters (Human Rights Law) this time. I've started to discover my purpose in life and finally starting to see a meaning in everything. I've been working on my own mental health and growing as a person to make sure that the life I now create for myself is sustainable in every aspect. This means I've been cutting out relationships that haven't been working for me and have also stopped taking part in activities that I don't genuinely enjoy. 

These seem to be the main factors in my life right now. I still honestly don't feel like an adult....but maybe I'll jump into adulthood by the time you're reading this!

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