Autumn Skincare Routine

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It's officially the autumn and I sit here and get far too excited over the pretty autumnal colours... but the one thing I hate about this half of the year is the weather. The colder weather causes our skin to become drier and crack so my skincare routine is all about introducing more moisture. I always find that the transitional seasons (Spring and Autumn) require more work due to the change!

I've split my skincare routine when you're first looking at it, it seems as though I have hundreds of products here. Truth is, I don't currently use a toner or serum so this is actually a rather small routine which is very minimal in the mornings for when I have very little time!

Morning Skincare Routine

For the morning routine, it's very basic. I first grab a cotton pad and swipe over with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, which is a great dupe for the world famous Bioderma! I'm about halfway through my bottle now and it's so great that I'm not even going to bother trying the L'Oreal dupe because the Garnier one is so great! In the morning I use this to remove any excess oils rather than remove makeup.

I follow this with Argan Oil. Now I actually use this mainly for my hair, but I use a small amount of product to pat on my face just as a double moisturiser/serum combo. I find this works great and reduces my products down, plus this is a travel sized bottle so it's a great small multi-use product.

Finally, I finish off with the Skin Repair Light Moisturiser from Liz Earle. This was one of my first ever moisturisers and after shopping around for years, I've decided to go back and stick with Liz Earle. Over the summer I had some horrible reactions to products I was trying and so I've gone back to natural basic products on the moisturiser front.

My morning routine stays pretty basic. I feel that if I overload my face with products in the morning, my skin is more likely to become oily and my makeup is less likely to stay. And so this is the basic routine I can survive on.

Evening Skincare Routine

In the evenings I generally have far more time and can also put on thicker products to sleep on. My routine in the evening covers makeup removal to treatments. My main focus for the season is moisture and so all of the products are involving moisturising.

Firstly, I have to take off all my makeup for the day, for this I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water again on a cotton pad, usually one cotton pad is enough for my daily makeup and that will usually take 98% of my makeup off.

The first step covered makeup removal cleansing but not cleansing for the skin itself. I've been following the Korean cleansing technique of double cleansing. The first set of cleansing is for makeup removal and then after go in with a foaming or cleansing balm to actually get deep into the skin and cleanse all of the pores thoroughly. For this, I use a Collagen Foaming Cleanser from Etude House. This is great for tightening up the skin but keeping it hydrated at the same time.
At this point, I'd usually either apply the cleanser with my cleansing brush from or use my exfoliating pad to do a soft gentle exfoliation whilst cleansing. This also works the cleanser into the skin more.

After that, I use a thicker moisturiser than during the day. I usually apply a couple of layers of the Simple Kind To Skin Rich Moisturiser. I feel this is far to thick for day use, but it's great to apply and pat in then add an extra layer or two. I try to almost saturate my skin, to create a sleeping pack effect.

To follow with the moisture theme, I move onto elbows. This seems like a strange jump...but whilst the moisturiser is soaking into my skin, I sort out my dry elbows! I bought this Planet Spa Elbow and Foot cream as the two places I'm most likely to find cracked skin is my elbows or feet. This is a really thick cream and I'll usually just apply to the elbows but if I apply it to my feet then I'd put socks on as well to make sure it stayed there!

Finally, I tackle any blemishes and large pores with the awesome Witch Blemish Gel which is my all-round magic cream and I use this to tackle basically any problem areas. This is a wonderful product for sensitive skin and I haven't broken out at all from it.

Occasional Additions

I also have a section for weekly or twice a week products. Face masks, scrubs and body moisturisers make an appearance in this section! At the moment I'm loving My Beauty Diary sheet masks and I just use these whenever I feel as though I need one! This St Ives scrub is great to use in the shower so there's not the hassle of the tiny grains getting everywhere. Finally, I use the Body Shop Body Butters as my body moisturiser because they're non-greasy and just wonderful. They all smell great and have great packaging.
I don't use a body moisturiser every day simply just due to time. If I had more time then, of course, I would, but I just use this one whenever I have a moment free to use it honestly.

So that's my entire routine! I feel as though this is pretty miniature and controlled at the moment, however, I'm sure it'll increase as the season carries on! I'm off to introduce a good serum into the routine and when we head into winter, I'll reintroduce a toner (I'm thinking of the Etude House Wonder Pore Toner, if anyone has any opinions on it that would be very useful!)

How large or small is your skincare routine? Is it working for you at the moment or are you feeling as though you're still searching for your Holy Grail items?

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