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Something has been bothering me for a while, so this morning I decided to take a break from essay writing and general studying to sit down and vent all of my issues out to you guys. You can agree or disagree with me, this is not a piece where I'm telling you what to believe. There are - as there always is - two sides to the argument.

Recently British YouTubers have come into the spotlight (well, one specific group of them). Tayna Burr has her eyelash line along with the lip gloss and nail polish line she previously released. Zoella has recently released her beauty line along with the book which has prompted this post. Alfie (also known as Pointless Blog) has also released a book previously...just to name a few.

Now yes, Bubzbeauty has her makeup brush line, Michelle Phan has her makeup brand and in case you weren't aware Weylie has just released a line of phone cases. And we can't forget Blogilates mass of merchandise in here. I have no issue with Michelle Phan, Bubz, Weylie or Blogilates... because they seem to be genuinely interested in the products they're creating. Bubz still ships all her brushes herself, Michelle Phan genuinely knows her makeup! And the same goes for Blogilates, anyone who does her program seems to become healthier and it actually works.

Why I'm not on Zoella's side...

However, Zoella on the other hand... she has already been in the spotlight for being a bad role model and after reading the comments on the video uploaded last night (on Alfie's gaming channel), all of Zoella's younger fans were supporting her. Now in principle, this is perfectly fine, however, think about what she's done.
Zoe Sugg has 'written' a book. In other words, she came up with a few characters and a storyline and told someone else to write it. Last night her fans were explaining that of course, she needs help writing it because it's her first novel. They were under the impression that writing a fact file and a vague storyline is writing a book. Now, of course, I'm just speculating a lot of this (and why this is labelled as an opinion piece).

Last night she decided to 'quit' the Internet. Would an innocent person who believed she had done nothing wrong do this? No of course not, she'd stand her ground and explain herself. At the end of the day, Zoe Sugg has released a book just before Christmas to exploit the British public. Her audience is young teenage girls who will all ask for the book as a Christmas present. What kind of role model is that? (Check out this article on the Independent)

It only takes a simple look at her blog (can we just appreciate the amount of advertising she's stuck all over it?) and her channel which is apparently beauty related. Compare this to the Amelia/Lily Pebbles/Anna/Estee group and then tell me which group actually still cares about their audience. Both groups blog and youtube full time and yet one group only want to exploit their audience.

But this is not an attack against Zoe Sugg...

As much as this seems to be an attack on Zoella, she seems like a perfectly nice girl who's lost her way. Honestly, I think she needs a long time off to refresh and sort out her priorities. I'm not going to comment on Tayna Burr - I personally don't like her, so I'm going to avoid discussing that area!
But Zoe seems like a girl with a blog who became famous and is now ruined. The British press took her, threw her around for a bit and then spit her out... and left her in this mess.

Dear Zoe, take some time off. Mature a little, change up the content and go back to creating content rather than counting figures.

I feel as though her life just consists of sitting counting views and subscribers... that's not entirely her fault. But at the end of the day, she's a grown woman and needs to take responsibility for her actions.

One of my favourite articles published is this one here from the Independent.

Something you might not have considered?

Now it's time for a slightly different angle. It's reached a point now where 90% of you will know what K-pop is - probably through PSY? Well, I'm a K-pop fan, I have been for almost 10 years now... and seeing how quickly Zoella has become famous, made a huge stack of cash and then decided to exploit her fans... does draw parallels with the Korean music world. But not from the stars. The musicians make almost no money there. The companies take all the cash (for a piece that's currently in the news, take a look at BAP vs. TS Entertainment).

Although this isn't exactly the same, after watching Korean idols almost work to death - or unfortunately to their death quite literally, in the case of Ladies Code. Seeing Zoella just running around, I'm not even going to go into the fact that she screams panic attacks every time anything in life gets hard... it does hurt.

In my mind, Zoella has now just decided to make as much cash as possible now. Then probably a couple of years down the line, quit the Internet permanently and enjoy her stack of cash. That's the state of the British Youtubers. The ones who have forgotten their roots. Who honestly doesn't seem to care about the community or their audience and just leave everything for the money.

They've sold out, they've gone too far now and the British press is going to have great fun with Zoe. So watch out for the others... everyone is watching you all now and any slip up will be documented!

Be careful!

This exactly why we have to be so careful when putting ourselves on the Internet. Whether you're reading this as a new blogger, a successful blogger, or just someone who uses social media sites. Be careful and remember to always be honest and true to yourself.

Have a lovely day and you're welcome to post any comments below, remember the usual rules apply! Be polite and no hate comments.

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