How My Life Is Changing

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I've been rather absent lately, I lost motivation to blog honestly... I loved reading everyone else's blogs and I had more than enough plans for blog posts. I just haven't been wanting to write them. I've been trying to learn how to enjoy life and actually have fun! In the past year, I've been too serious and too anxious... Life became monotonous and dull and I was really losing motivation to do things! So I decided to take a break, take a step back and re-evaluate. Let me share with you how things have changed:

A Shift In Priorities. 

I used to love my beauty products. I'd hoard samples and makeup. Over Christmas, I noticed that I haven't really been excited in the way I was before. I moved my excitement to more specific things (such as red lipsticks)! This is mainly just because I'm happy with the products I'm using at the moment. But it is also based on the fact that over the past year I had given myself a lot of reactions to products from trying too many things! So I decided to have a serious clear out and am going more minimalist. I'm sticking to what is working and I'm going with that!

How will this affect you? - Well, you'll still get beauty posts and I have a backlog of reviews to share with you guys so you won't notice any difference for a long time really!
But the main difference will be a shift in topics, I can feel myself shifting towards becoming a general 'lifestyle' blogger from a beauty blogger. It seems pretty natural to accept this change and I would rather change my blog slightly to fit me as opposed to leaving it! 

At the end of the day, my blog is under my own name. My blog is a reflection of myself. So therefore as I change, so will my blog! You'll be seeing more fitness and organising posts as that is what I'm interested in at the moment!

A New Side Blog

Now I definitely wanted to separate these blogs, don't feel like you have to follow this side blog if you're not interested in it! I've started a Studyblr this past week, I'm currently doing my Autumn Semester exams and I've found the community to be so helpful and motivational. The community is so welcoming and the blog over on tumblr has grown so quickly that it's been great! If you're interested in studyblrs or need some motivation for studying, feel free to check my blog:

A Refresh

Most importantly, I'm back and I'm ready to go. Mondays will be blog writing day. Posts will now go up on Wednesday and Friday of every week. The first of each month will have an edit from the month before (i.e. 1st February will have a January Edit post) which will be like favourites! 
I haven't created a schedule on how to distribute blog topics this year but I shall let you all know what will happen when I do. 

Most Importantly...

I'm back and I'm ready to go... Christmas is a busy time, I was spending time with my family whilst revising... I thought I would have time to blog but I clearly misjudged how much time I actually had on my hands. For this reason, I shall make sure I always have a couple of blog posts on the bank of my drafts! The second I have a gap in my posts... that just lengthens out until it becomes a huge mess!

So this is just a "hey I'm back" post more than anything, I really have taken quite a while off. In the last month, I've done a lot of thinking, learnt a lot about myself and really grown as a person. Please continue to join me for this next year together and I shall be working on my positivity and organisation for this year. 

Have a lovely day and until next time...

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