Coffee Time #1: Making The Change

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This is a new section of the blog here! The only part of blogging I'm not a fan of is spending so long on images that people only see for a few seconds. So these "Coffee Time" posts will always contain this one image as the header, so for days when I just want to sit down and write without fussing about formatting and pretty pictures. These posts are all about the content!

What's Changed?

Something has changed. I'm sure you can recognise this if you've been around here for a while. I've been rather absent over the last few months... because I've been working on myself and my own life. I've taken a step back, re-evaluated my life and I'm really enjoying the place I'm at now.

The biggest change? I'm taking religion seriously. I used to use the excuse of being a philosophy student who's interested in Philosophy of Religion, as a reason for not looking much into the bible or Christianity... but when I took a step back, realised this was a silly excuse... I opened up and let myself be more open to change. And now I shall identify as Christian. I may post a full story later if anyone is interested, but I've always been vaguely Christian... but not seriously until now!


This is something I'm seriously working on as a way of working on religion. I'm trying to play catch-up now. So this plan is really good to find things to read in the bible. It's such a huge book and I'd like to make my way through it over the summer! #HerBinderProject is a great way to print things out to help me whilst it still being fun.
There's a theme each week and they're all quite generic things, so far I've done all of July until now, and I've find they relate to my life very well! So it's good for finding things which are actually applicable in my life. 

If you like, once my binder has grown slightly, I may share some of it with you all! If you'd like to join in with #HerBinderProject, you can download the printables here and the facebook page is available here

The Summer

So this is my final summer as an undergraduate student... next year I'll be graduating and it's honestly terrifying, just looking at my binders that I have ready with "Year Three" written down them... looks serious!

I hope you all enjoy these chatty posts, I'd like to spend more time having conversations with you guys and this is a great way to share little updates when they appear! 

Have a lovely day and until next time, stay beautiful guys!

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