The Road To Minimalism

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I've begun the road to minimalism recently... It started with a Pinterest board. As with most of these ventures, and it extended out to life. In all honesty, I think this obsession begun with the blog. My blog used to be quite cluttered and then I've cut back and I'm now admiring the amount of white space. This then has transferred to how I'm treating the interiors and now makeup and fashion.

What Minimalism Means To Me

To me, minimalism isn't about having x amount of items. It's about prioritising. It's about cutting back. If you had 100 pairs of shoes, you'll end up with more shoes at the end of the road than someone who started with 10. 
In this sense I follow the KonMari method by Marie Kondo which I shall explain fully in a minute. 
I believe we need to priotise on what we own so that we can clearly see and focus on that which makes us happy. If I own 5 wonderful dresses that I treasure, that seems more meaningful than 50 that I don't have opinions on. 

What Is The KonMari Method?

The KonMari method was created by Japanese organising consultant - Marie Kondo. She asks us in short, to remove all our belongings (for example clothes - from the wardrobe) from the home they usually reside in, and hold each one and ask if they evoke 'joy'. If the item makes us happy and has a purpose then we can keep it. If not it needs to be donated, sold or thrown away depending on the object and it's condition. 
If you'd like to check out her book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" then here's the link to purchase. I'm reading it at the moment, it's also available on tablet and kindle. 

What Will I Have Trouble Organising?

Definitely clothes. Although I successfully completed a Project 333 - a mission to keep a capsule wardrobe of 33 pieces for 3 months, you can read more here. I don't feel as though I could actually throw much away. Now I don't buy many clothes...but what I do buy, I probably don't actually need half of it realistically!

Why Start Now?

I'm slowly moving out of my childhood home now and starting my adult life, I simply want to start how I mean to carry on and don't want to hoard a lot of possessions that I don't really need. 
I'm starting my professional adult wardrobe now and I'm just trying to get it right the first time around.

Do you need to have a clear out? I'm planning on sharing different areas as I clear them up just to help motivate anyone else looking to have a clear out. 
Feel free to check out my minimalism Pinterest board above and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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