Introduction to Minimalism

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One thing I'm working towards at the moment is becoming more of a minimalist. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but with my blog redesign, I've introduced a drop-down menu of categories in the navigation bar... One of the new categories is "minimalism"

This post is not only an introduction for all of you who are either thinking of decluttering over this Christmas period and those who have no idea about the details of minimalism but also an introduction to my version of minimalism.

Who Can Be A Minimalist?

Anyone! Whether you're a parent, a student or a pensioner... you can be a minimalist. One of the most important thing to remember about minimalism seems to be the fact that it's most definitely relative
You don't need to dive in and become the person living out of a 15l backpack within a week.

I started by just looking at all the things I've been hoarding. Personally, I find that I hoard: 
  1. Makeup and Skincare
  2. Stationary 
  3. Paperwork
  4. Casual Clothes and Pyjamas 
I find that I keep a lot of makeup I don't wear, skincare that I've had a reaction to - and, therefore, can't use! I also have all of my paperwork from years ago! I know I definitely won't need it, but to be on the safe side, I'm scanning most of it in and then getting rid of most of it. 

I also keep a ridiculous amount of casual clothes. I believe it's important to dress appropriately for a class (If you'd like to see why, check out this blog post by Life As A Dare that explains it really well!) and so I don't tend to wear tracksuits and comfy clothes often anyway. 
So I'm working on streamlining my wardrobe to reflect my lifestyle more. 

Where Do I Start? 

Don't jump straight in and spend the weekend throwing everything away. I'd recommend checking out the KonMari method - I might do a post in the future summarising Kondo's views!

I'd also recommend creating a minimalist Pinterest board if you use the site, check out my board here if you'd like some inspiration!

Then finally, head over to UnFancy and download her Capsule Wardrobe Planner. I found the process of this really useful. As a student - with a tiny wardrobe! - I need a capsule wardrobe, so this really helped me to streamline it and think about how I was creating the outfits rather than just grabbing pieces I liked individually. 

What's Next?

I'll be creating posts relating to minimising your skincare, wardrobe and study/office materials. These are the areas I found myself to be hoarding the most and so I'll be showing you how I went about this. 

Definitely, watch minimalist YouTube videos, next week I'll be back with some of my favourite Minimalist YouTubers!

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