LLM: Where Life Is Taking Me

by - 7:27 pm

It's been a long time! I've had so many posts planned, but had in all honesty been so busy to write everything out. I've had graduation, I've been accepted onto my master's course and so have been sorting that out. I've also had life to deal with!

But I suppose I'll soon be a law student blogger. This time next month I'll have moved into my new place (and hopefully shared some pictures of it!) I'm definitely excited to go. I've wanted to go into law since 6th form, but the undergraduate degree just didn't seem right for me. But this course is hopefully going to be what I've been looking for the whole time.

I'll still be at the same university, so you'll be seeing the same backgrounds and things you'll always see!

In other news, I've been getting into Instagram Stories recently, I never got particularly into snapchat stories, but something about having it on Instagram makes me so much happier! So definitely follow me on there because I post almost every day! (@itskatielclark)

I've been getting into playing Pokemon Go (team Mystic ftw ;P) and that's definitely helping me to actually get out. I've been cycling around on my new bike - my new zero-waste mode of transport!
And have been following the KonMari method of decluttering so that I slowly and surely am becoming more minimalist.

Check out my Pinterest for some great recipes that I've been finding and I'll have some new posts up very shortly! Promise this time!

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