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I recently received a package from SammyDress, containing a few items of clothing for me to try out! I picked out a dress and a skirt to show you guys today. They're included in my Autumn project 333 (which should have a lookbook coming soon)!

So here are the items! (Sorry for the different sized photos, but I wanted to try and capture the items better!)

- this post is image heavy -


The package arrived pretty quickly, which given the fact it's being shipped from the other side of the world, is great! 
The customer service was very good and they were very responsive to questions and emails that I sent. I did not have to pay any customs charges or extra charges. 

The packaging was very efficient and was packaged very small - I can't stand it when you receive a huge box that will have only a few small items in! Although this has plastic packaging, the package which the dress came in and the skirt had reusable closures so you could reuse them rather than throwing them away if you wanted to be more sustainable!

The clothes were packaged nicely and folded neatly. (I've had some clothes come before that were just scrunched up into a ball! -_-) 

The Skirt

I received this striped skirt from SammyDress. When ordering I assumed it would be a cotton material similar to some of my other skirts, but it was more of a neoprene type material! I like the look of the skirt in photos but was not expecting this material. 
When I looked back at the photos on the website, the pictures definitely reflect the product I received and it looks exactly the same as the photo and fits well. 
Unlike with some sites similar to SammyDress, this skirt fitted well, didn't smell strange and the photo of this skirt definitely was the same as the product I received. 

The skirt itself is currently on sale for only $14.03 and you can purchase it here

Overall I like the skirt, it was slightly longer than I expected (but I am only 5 foot!). The waistband sits nicely and the colour is very vibrant!

The Dress

The dress was advertised with a belt on it, so I also chose to receive this (it does not come included, so if you choose to buy this dress & belt combo, please remember to add the belt to your basket!) 

This dress came in so many different colours and I was deciding on which one to get for a long time! In the end, I opted to get the white/burgundy tone. This dress is a style I have been wanting to try out for a long time and so it was nice to get to try more maxi-dress styles and in particular this type. 

I wanted to see how a backless dress would sit and I felt my autumn capsule was a great time to give it a go! Maxi dresses are pretty versatile and this one is very comfortable and casual. It's made of cotton (I'm assuming a type of poly-cotton?) The colour is vibrant and I would probably wear this to class or around campus. 

The biggest problem with this dress was deciding on the right bra to wear with it. I think in the future I'll have to get a white/light coloured bralette with a cute back or a nude backless bra. My current wardrobe doesn't need these types so it might require some modifying to get it right!
The white part of the fabric is very sheer and so requires some planning when creating outfits using this dress, but the burgundy half is fine! 

Here's a few more photos of me trying to capture what the dress looks like for you! It's super long and so I will have to alter it, but as I said before.... I'm only 5 foot! (this picture on the right is taken with no shoes on, I'd say there's probably around 5-6 inches of extra material?)

If you would like to purchase the dress the link to the page is available here at $13.78

Overall I enjoyed the experience of trying out some new styles of clothes, these two outfits have been added to my 33 items of clothing (I don't count accessories like belts) so I'll alter the dress and then I can have it in my wardrobe rotation!

Thank you SammyDress for these items! And please stay tuned for my next post on my LLM course update!

*I received these clothes free of charge but was not in any way paid to review them or offered any compensation for a positive review. 

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