Living Zero-Waste Communally

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I've had so many posts planned, so many half-written and left at the draft stage. But this is something that has been getting to me the last few days! The struggle to be zero-waste and reduce the amount of waste I am personally producing, but feeling like it's getting nowhere because everyone around me is just as wasteful as I used to be.

The Situation

I'm currently in self-catered halls at University. I share a kitchen with 10 others. We have a recycling bin and a glass bin in the kitchen (next to the regular food/other waste bin). And yet I seem to be the only one recycling! The University puts signs up around the kitchen advising people on how to dispose of their waste. And yet I see recyclable materials in the waste bin every day. It feels like such a basic problem. I'm not even asking for people to create less waste, just ask them to recycle the items that are able to be recycled! 

The Solution

I'm still struggling with the solutions - hence the post, so any suggestions would be great! - but I'm just trying to do the KonMari lead by example method. In the same way that Marie Kondo says that we can't throw away and tidy up other people's possessions, I'm trying to just stick to the "right way" and disposing of all my waste items in the way that I should and recycling any waste I create. 

The Struggle

I still feel like I create so much rubbish! Especially because I've been busy and disorganised recently, I can feel it creeping back up on me. It's so easy to slip into the habit of buying a pre-packaged lunch, or accepting a straw at a bar. Although people like Bea (zerowastehome) and Lauren (trashisfortossers) are literal life goals, it's definitely a project that can't be tackled overnight! Zero-waste skincare will definitely be coming next because I just need to get down to the last of the supplies I have now!

I've learnt that I definitely need to stay on top of this because trying to be zero-waste in the UK is definitely still difficult. So if anyone has any tips on how to get communal living done well I'd love to share tips!

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