2017: Life Goals

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We're a few days into 2017. So far, I haven't started the year with the best start - so time to lose the saying "start how you mean to go on"... my family and I have been having a few set-backs to say the least, I had a huge upheaval and moved home twice in November.... mid-week as well. I've had a complete lifestyle change over the last month or two. So needless to say, blogging wasn't really a priority. I've written plenty of posts, but they're all stuck in draft stage.
I just haven't been in the right mindset. And that's ok.

2016 was a huge change for me. I've been making the transition into becoming a minimalist. My priority for 2016 was to declutter my whole life. That was a huge task, and at the same time I didn't want to be wasteful, so I was going in some categories (and still ongoing) for a long time!
Minimalism has become even more important for me now my life situation has changed and I'm now juggling more than I have ever before.

Moving Forward

For 2017 I just want to have one goal. I don't want to overdo it, I don't want to aim ridiculously high and try and achieve some huge New Years Resolution that isn't realistic. This year I'm really going to jump on the minimalism and hygge bandwagon. I'm going to Marie Kondo style organise my life, I'll make sure every moment is as hygge as possible.
I only want to spend time with the people I care about, doing things I care about. I'm not spending this year stressing myself out, going to things with people I don't want to spend time with. In turn, my minimising my stressful and toxic relationships... I get more time and can give the people I want more attention.

Blogging Goals

I don't particularly have a blogging goal for 2017, I'm letting this space evolve. The last few years has been a huge transition for my blog. For a while I tried to maintain a blog that wasn't in line with my personality. Which doesn't work.

Be yourself. No one wants to read about a character. That's why 2017 is going to be focused on me. That might be self-centred, but I think care starts within. How can I be a good friend, employee, student, etc..... if I don't care for myself first?

This year I will be myself on this blog, by just writing whatever I want.... I'm hoping I'll have more content for you and hopefully more consistently.

During my most recent clearout, I finally threw out all my old planners (why did I keep them going back every year from 2005?!) and pre-university I had planned every single blog post and had a schedule for everything. I scheduled in line with my holidays and events. I balanced that with a-levels.... so I'm hoping to get back to that schedule now! *fingers crossed*

Trying to Minimise

Basically, I'm still minimising. In every aspect of my life. I got the whole way through the boxing day and new years sales without getting a single email promoting content I didn't care about. I'm unfollowing and unsubscribing if I don't engage with content. I'm still clearing out my wardrobe, clearing out unnecessary belongings (like the planners!)... and I just want to keep going in the same way. 

I want my life to be less stressful. I want to enjoy moments. I don't want my mind cluttered. 

This year is all about achieving the vision I have been working towards. 

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