Under The Surface

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It's been a tough week. Every week at the moment feels like a tough week. I haven't been posting particularly recently because I'm spreading myself thin enough already and blogging every few days would just be one too many things on my plate at the moment!

Life is chaotic. We all have 101 life problems that we don't share with each group of friends or work colleagues... and then it gets to a breaking point.
This week has been my breaking point.

Trying to juggle studying, working, friends, family, relationships, food, exercise, well-being.... the endless to-do list that never gets 100% finished. It seems like an impossible task. The things are too big and too complicated to achieve. So I break the list down into smaller, more manageable tasks.... which just makes the list longer and even more scary!

Then I start to make progress, but I get into the zone and work intensively. It's really productive... but we all know that's not sustainable! So I stop, and go and bake or exercise or see friends.... and then I do that intensively.

Time management is hard. And every time we think we've mastered it and have the balance perfectly right, something comes along and tips the scales.

But there's something even harder.


When health gets in the way. When invisible health problems start becoming a blocker for all these tasks. When the excuse isn't visible and it's not widely understood or not taken seriously... then we start having issues!

I suffer from chronic migraines. I had my first when I was around 12-13. Since then it has been an uphill battle. They become more and more frequent and last longer and longer. I know my triggers, I know how to get rid of my migraines... but it's time-consuming. Avoiding my triggers means missing out, not joining in with friends or not going outside at certain times. So I try to ignore my triggers... which doesn't work!
Then when the migraine comes, it gets mistaken for a headache. People can't understand why it's impossible to function with a migraine... until they see someone with a migraine!

A migraine isn't a headache. It's not a bad headache. It doesn't necessarily go away the next day... it can last a week or so at times, so it's important to be understanding!

Then as if it wasn't enough, there are more invisible problems. I believe everyone has their own conditions, that is what makes us human. We're not perfect, we all have our flaws and quirks. So we all have our own health problems, we just can't see all of them.
I suffer very regularly from GERD/GORD. I have chronic pain from a back injury/condition that likes to flare up.

Managing health in itself can be an issue. Particularly when it's not visible. I don't want to speak too much about my own person experiences...

...But every time you look at someone... please remember they might have more going on under the surface than meets the eye.

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