The Importance of Minimalism

by - 12:53 pm

In this chaotic age, where we're all balancing 101 different commitments and life things, slow living and minimalism are becoming ever more important.

I took up minimalism because I didn't want to deal with unnecessary stresses, but what areas am I minimising specifically?


The first, and arguably easiest area in my life to organise was my wardrobe. I'm still downsizing - I don't believe the downsizing ever ends! But I think I've already halved my wardrobe. This means my clothes are no longer being damaged by trying to fit too much into the space and I just feel more free.
I'm not restricted in my clothes because I was already wearing just those items anyway! 

I'm trying to stick to project 333 - which works really well because 1 term is around 3 months so I can take 33 items for one term. As I've become more minimalist, I'm including more into my capsule. I didn't include bags and shoes to start with, and now they're into my capsule. (The only things that are not included are my pyjamas and gym clothes - I don't believe in minimising my gym clothes considering I'm using them every day #sweaty) 

It's really easy to minimise your wardrobe, and it makes travelling so much easier! I'm writing this on the train, and I'm travelling with just a cabin sized suitcase.... for a month! 


Paperwork drives me crazy. I hate mess. I hate things that aren't properly organised! And so paperwork and I are not the best of friends... 
I started using OneDrive and OneNote a few years ago, and now any paper I have is in a designated notebook - some things (like event planning) are better off in notebooks... 
But any lecture notes, essay planning, or blog related things are all stored on my computer. I have OneDrive and OneNote on my tablet and computer so I can access everything everywhere! 

It's so much easier having everything stored in the cloud. I can just take a small clutch bag to the library with just my ID card and phone and keys.... and use my university computers to access all my files. Minimalism at it's finest! 


This one is slightly controversial. But I took a step back and tried to see what value individuals brought to my life. If a person was toxic or too much work, I drifted and left them behind. I made a promise to myself that I would only be friends with individuals that added value to my life - and a big part of that is asking myself if they make me happy!

We're busy people, and there's little point in wasting a day with someone who makes you unhappy and stresses you. 


I minimised my food ranges. As part of my goal to become more zero-waste, I worked towards creating less food waste. By meal planning and making sure I don't impulse buy snacks and food that I won't use, I might not have a full fridge, but at least I know I'm going to finish all my food and enjoy everything I have bought. 

This is made easier by the fact that I don't have to cook for myself this year - #cateredstudentlife - so any food I buy is as an extra... 


Gone are the days where I want to be scrolling through pages and pages of apps, making my phone slower every time I use it. If I'm not using an app, it's out! You can always redownload them when you need them! (I only download CityMapper when I'm on the way into London or travelling for example!) Otherwise, it's just taking up unnecessary space!

I challenge you to take a serious look at your life today and evaluate what is useful and what needs to go. Only keep what makes you happy! Otherwise, we're all living unnecessarily stressful lives. 

Have a great day and enjoy living lighter!

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