Primark's K-pop Beauty Collection

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I was so excited when I saw this collection announced on Primark's Instagram page. The colors looked perfect for my style, the packaging was so cute! K-pop branding aside, it's an awesome collection and Primark have been smashing their beauty releases recently - The Nudes collection anyone?!

So I made a plan and popped over to the Primark at Rushden Lakes - side note, Rushden Lakes is beautiful! There's a great selection of shops and you can take a break and walk around the lake if you're feeling drained from shopping. So if you're near, go and check it out!

They didn't have the full collection, so I'm still hunting around to find the missing pieces - here's the full collection if you're interested - so many of these items would be awesome for traveling or for the summer... and so I'm definitely going on a scavenger hunt for the cushion blushers!

I managed to get my hands on the blush and highlight palette, two liquid highlighters and two eyeliners. There's definitely still an eyeshadow palette, lip colors, and some extra blush products though. 

The collection is supposed to be inspired by Korean beauty trends, which I'd say it's definitely inspired by. It's a great beginners introduction to the Korean beauty scene and is the western take on some of the trends we see in Korean beauty! 
The eyeliners are similar to the Etude House Play 101 collection, so many Korean products come in cushion form. And the focus really is on dewy, natural skin. There are a lot of pastels and lighter colors in Korean makeup, whilst celebrities might wear bold makeup looks on stage... that's not really the norm for a normal person walking down the street! And so I think Primark really captured the essence of Korean makeup for the range!

So now, onto the products themselves!

I managed to get my hands on both liquid highlighters, spent so long picking which one to buy because they're both beautiful! But at £2.50 each, it's worth just grabbing both in all honesty! Liquid products are great for the summer and warmer days, and the lasting power in these is awesome. I swatched it in the shop, wiped it off (pro tip: carry around a tiny travel pack of wet wipes when you go makeup shopping so you can wipe off the swatches before they get all over your clothes) and it lasted the whole day! It didn't come off until I used makeup remover later, so it would probably be great for the beach or even swimming.

Top: Diamond (purple cap) and bottom: Shine Bright (gold cap). The purple one is definitely more of a bold highlighter, but if you use it sparingly I think you could manage it for an everyday look. Definitely channeling some festival vibes with these. Once they're blended, they're super glittery and sparkly!

The eyeliners are one of my favorite parts of the collection. I love a good light colored eyeliner for the waterline to open up and brighten my eyes - because who even gets 8 hours of sleep anyway?
Whilst these look bright and the end colors make them look a little 70s inspired... they're actually super pastel and subtle.

At only £1 each, it's definitely worth grabbing both of these. I usually use the white/beige set of eyeliners from Primark (I think they're £1/£1.50 for two?) And these are definitely better than those. Once they've dried, they're not budging. So another product that would be awesome on a hot day! The swatches for these aren't moving with just water either, so whilst this collection is not labeled as being waterproof or sweatproof, it seems to be anyway!

The eyeliner colors seem to match the highlighters (top is Dreams - blue/purple end - and the bottom is Fairy Cake - the pink). So if you wanted to be super extra, you could go full out purple or pink for the day! (Definitely going to be how I'm using them!) As you can see though, the top color seems to just be a cool-toned white really rather than the bright color you see on the end cap, so a lot more wearable than it initially looks!

I didn't realize there would be cute emoji style faces on this palette when I bought it! The tester one had already been rubbed off, so it was so cute when I opened this! The palette was £5, so a little more than the others. But for 4 highlight/blush shades, that's an awesome deal. This palette is fragranced, so just be careful if you've got sensitive skin! It definitely smells super sweet, not sure if I'd describe it as cherry... it smells like a pick and mix area in a sweet shop to me! So with the chocolate bar palette as well, Primark is really upping the scents in their products!

In all honesty, these colors are a little hit or miss for me. As you can see from the swatches, they don't all show up that well on my skin tone - Jelly Bean is basically non-existent - but for a subtle highlight, I think they'd be pretty good! I love the fact this collection has a mixture of warm and cool tones. I love both blush colors and Lemon Sherbet. I just hope the consistency and the glitter goes through the colors and it's not just a glitter spray on the top!

Sorry, the swatches aren't that clear! (pale skin problems!) Left-to-right there's Jelly Bean, Candy Floss, Lemon Sherbet and Bon Bon. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the cute shade names in this collection as well?

Overall, I love this collection. The colors look pretty good on pale skin tones - which is awesome because as much as I loved The Nudes collection.... it didn't look great on me! The packaging is great and the products smell so good. Obviously can't complain at all about the price points of these products, and Primark is now doing a great job of sealing their products properly to make sure people don't break into them and use them in store.

Out of the items I have, I'd probably recommend the highlighters and eyeliners the most. Whilst the palette is cute, it doesn't have as good staying power compared to the liquid highlighters. And in the summer months... we all want products that won't sit in our pores or slide around!

Would you purchase this collection? And would you like the second part if I can track down the rest of the collection? 

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