Redefining Minimalism

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I love the minimalist aesthetic. I like clean lines, the lack of clutter. I love white space.

But I also love comfort. I love pretty things that make me happy.

For a while last year, I exercised a lot of self-control. I didn't decorate in the way I wanted to, I got rid of trinkets that just gathered dust. I didn't want to be surrounded by clutter. This is great in so many ways, I'm now able to focus on what's important to me. I have the time to enjoy life...but I still have plenty of possessions. I'm not an Instagram-worthy minimalist. I don't have white walls, with a white bed.... that has one pillow. I don't wear monochromatic clothes. I love patterns and color. And I'm happy to admit all of this, I'm happy to accept myself as I am.

I love watching Jenny Mustard and Rachel Aust, I love reading their content. But I don't want to recreate their lives.

Where Now: Comfortable Minimalism 

This might not seem very minimalist really. But in comparison to where I was when I started, I've really decluttered. Minimalism to me is about living with intentions. Thinking about every purchase, ensuring each item that enters my space has a purpose to fulfill. I am not just surrounding myself with stuff. Once I've finished with an item, I'm happy to let go of it. I'm not attached to material possessions. If something breaks, gets lost... it's not the end of the world. 

I now wear all my clothes. I use all of my bags. I use every piece of makeup on a regular basis. I still have a lot of possessions. But I love my things. 

For example, I have two pairs of pink heels. I could survive with one pair, the world isn't going to end if I got rid of one (or even both of them!). But they make me happy, I enjoy looking at them, wearing them. I've now decided that it's ok to own things. It's ok to have possessions. 

I have more than a few bags. Each one has a specific purpose. For me, I like having a specific piece for each activity - a work bag, weekend bag, travel bags, gym bag, karate bag, swimming bag.... the list goes on! But I enjoy having bags for specific purposes. I like tailoring my stuff. And for me, it minimizes the time I spend repacking things each time. I don't need to repack my weekend toiletry bag every time I travel, because it's always stocked. 

Understanding Balance

A lot of this is about taking the elements that fit into your life. Taking the elements of zero-waste, minimalism, whatever the philosophy or lifestyle is.... and fitting it into your life. You're an individual, with your own needs and lifestyle. You can't replicate someone else's life, of course, you can try... but that won't ultimately bring you happiness. 

And so I can sit here with my fairy lights on and not worry about whether I'm a proper minimalist for having such an unnecessary item. Minimalism is a personal journey, about decluttering and understanding the role of possessions. 

I'm not going to start counting my possessions any time soon, and that's ok. 

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