Rethinking My Blogging Style

by - 4:00 pm

Somewhere along the way blogging became boring. I had enough, it became a chore. Sharing content wasn't as exciting as when I started. I've been blogging properly now for 6 years - excluding my LiveJournal days... but we'll pretend that never happened. But my first beauty blog (the one before this) is now over 6 years old. I never thought I'd leave blogging.

But over the past year, I found it hard to post. I had plenty of ideas. I had plenty of drafts saved to my account. I've written plenty of posts. I had a blog post written on the current state of the K-pop industry... spent days researching things, hours writing it... but I was never satisfied. New information kept coming out, there was always more. I wanted it to be perfect. But it never was.

I was constantly worried about the quality of my posts. It's like I wanted each post to read like an academic essay. Grammatically perfect, structured well... but realistically, blogging isn't about that. You're not interested in grammar and structure... of course, it needs to read well and make sense, but I realized I didn't need to be a perfectionist. I didn't need to wake up at 5am and prepare myself for a blogging day - yes. I was seriously doing this for a while.

So now I'm changing my tactics.

I'm putting the fun back into blogging again. The professional corporate blog is going out of the window. I'm not worried anymore about it being perfect. I'm taking my own pictures, I'm going to sit and just write. Write what I want to, share the information I want to.

I started this blog and every blog before this to help. I wanted to be the big sister you never had. To share the tips you never had. I wanted to share the information I wished I'd received when I was younger. I wanted to share advice with friends my own age. And to those who I could receive advice from. I just wanted to share. I wasn't interested in being perfect, I just wanted to share. Write posts and read my friend's posts.

I think part of it properly came from the stress of the masters, but that's a post for next week I think! Because there's so much to say.

This is just an unnecessary update to say that my blogging style is changing. I'm going back to myself, I'll share everything. I'll take pictures. You can see how I actually live again.... I'm tired of censoring and making things perfect. It takes the fun out of blogging.

So it's back to the what's in my bags, back to the realistic updates.

I might be aiming for minimalism, and working towards being as zero-waste as I can... but I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. I have plenty of possessions, plenty of plastic still.

This world needs real people. I'm tired of seeing perfect Instagram models, fine if they actually look that perfect... but not if they've taken an hour to photoshop that image to look tanned, slim, with the Kim K figure.
I want real people. With real lives and real views.

Here's to making the step to become more real.

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