5 Things I Do Before Bed

by - 12:02 pm

I love looking at routines, maybe I'm just nosey.... but I love seeing what people are up to, what products they're using and things! So why not share my routine? So here are 5 things I do before going to bed at night:

1. Skincare Routine

First thing's first, I go through my skincare routine. Which is usually pretty simple in the evening, I'll be posting an updated skincare routine next week though! 
I usually just take my makeup off, use my toner and then pop on my sleeping mask. I'm not sure how much difference the mask actually makes, but it smells so good that I'm going to keep using it anyway! 

I then try to remember to moisturise! I've got my hand creams and things next to my bed at the moment so I can remember to use it before bed.

2. Verse of the Day

I might do a separate post if anyone is interested, but aware that my blog doesn't focus on religious things! 

I usually sit down and work on the verse of the day and my reading plans for the day. I use a combination of apps and notebooks for this and just try and work through different themes at a time. 

But I can do separate posts if you guys are interested! 

3. Catch up on Youtube

Once everything is sorted, I like to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions. I've been decluttering my subscriptions list so I'm not overwhelmed with content, so I usually only have a few videos to watch each day. So it's a manageable list! Sometimes there's nothing new, and sometimes I leave it all completely and just have an evening off my phone!

4. Plan for Tomorrow

At this point, I'm getting tired.... and it's time to get off the phone, so I grab my notebook and planner and sit down and work through my plans for the next day. I fill in bits that I had completed that day, I work on my goals and things. I'm also tracking my food at the moment, so I write all of my meals down and things. And just dump everything out of my brain! 

5. Sleep Spray, Sleep Mask, Sleep!

Now I'm finally ready to sleep! I get my sleep spray and my sleeping mask and turn off the lights and hop into bed! 
I'm a really light sleeper and I struggle to actually stay asleep, so I usually set up some background noise to try and help. I used to like using apps with white noise and things... but now I actually just put a fan on in my room because it's so hot anyway! Kill two birds with one stone and all... 

But that's it! Pretty uneventful, sometimes I change it up a little... I used to do yoga before bed, but I'm finding I'm too tired by the evening to do that at the moment so that's moved to the morning for now! I've been really struggling with my sleep recently and am only getting around 3-5 hours of sleep a night... So,

What do you do to get ready to sleep each night? Do you have a night routine or just collapse in a heap at the end of the day? 

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