Primark K-pop Beauty Collection #2

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I managed to get my hands on the rest of the K-pop Collection from Primark! If you haven't checked out the first half of the collection you can find my review of those products here. I didn't end up getting the whole collection because were some items that didn't suit me when I swatched them or I didn't think I'd use them! And so my inner minimalist exercised some self-control and I just picked up a few items that I thought would be awesome for the summer. 

I wanted to use all these products before reviewing them as well, so I could give a better idea of how they last and the consistency! It's sometimes hard to tell how good a product is going to be just from a swatch alone. So I'm reviewing these after a few days of using them. 

First up is the product I was most looking forward to! Primark did their research with this product, and jumped on the cushion product trend. the consistency of this blush is great and the staying power is awesome. I swatched this on my arm, tried to wash it off with water... got in the shower, walked around all day... and it didn't come off until I actually used makeup remover on it. So whilst it's not advertised as being waterproof, this will be great if you're having a pool or beach day!

The mirror is a decent size as it covers the size of the whole lid, the product itself fits into the palm of my hand, it is a little bulky... but I personally love a blush, so I'm happy to let this product take up space in my makeup bag!

The applicator is so cute but it is quite small, so it depends on the size of your fingers really! I can fit two fingers in and that seems to be a comfortable way to apply the blush. It does take a little getting used to, and a little goes a long way. But it looks so natural and pretty after you blend it, and you don't need to worry about it looking patchy because it won't bunch up like powders do. 

There is a second colour, but that was a little bright for me and I didn't think I'd wear it, so I just purchased Coral Dreams which was £4. More expensive than the other items in the range, but the packaging is really sturdy and the colour is so pretty, so I was happy to get it. It's still cheaper than brands you'd find in Boots or Superdrug after all.

(Blush swatch is on the left, the right swatch is the next product!) 

This is another product I was really looking forward to, I managed to restrain myself enough to just buy one shade because realistically I don't need 100 different lipstick shades! This shade matched the blush nicely so I thought this would be the best shade for me. It's called Jelly Bean, which is a little confusing because Jelly Bean is also the purple highlighter shade from the last review! 

It has the same sweet scent as the highlighter palette and I think I prefer my lip products being scented far more than the highlighter/powder products. The applicator is reasonably easy to use and you end up with a pretty natural gradient using the sponge. The product does come out of the applicator slowly, but it's a thicker consistency and so I think that's why. But because it's thicker, when it sets it really stays in place. Of course, you'd need to reapply after eating, but I don't have many products that have such awesome staying power that you don't need to reapply after eating! 

Then finally, I found another eyeliner colour! This one was a mint green and my favourite one so far! There was also a yellow tone, but I left that one behind because I didn't think I'd wear it. This eyeliner was £1, the same as the pink and purple ones last time. 

Overall, I loved the second half of the collection as much as the first half! There were some items I left behind - I didn't grab the accessories (they had tweezers, a beauty blender with a holder and those types of things) because I'm really trying not to hoard beauty tools (how many tweezers does one person need after all!). 

I left the liquid blushes because I preferred the consistency of the cushion one, I'm sure you could make it work but the colours seemed a little bold for me! Haven't come across the pastel eyeshadow palette yet, so I'll probably grab that when I find it! 

Hope you enjoyed this second half, what's your favourite part in the collection? 
And if you've done a review of any of these items or any other parts of the collection, feel free to leave you links down below so we can all check them out!

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