Embracing Girl Power

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So, my computer broke. I'm writing this now as I'm installing all of the updates that should hopefully solve my problems. I've spent the past week working as my own IT support service - knowing very little about actual computer systems. Fingers crossed it works, if not... I'm getting a batch of posts written now whilst I've got a connection and that should keep me covered just in case!

Note to self: always ensure the computer is properly working and always have a backup plan!

But, on with the post!

I've really been taking the time to focus on girl power recently. Learning how awesome women really are. Before I get a load of comments from men, appreciating girl power does not mean I don't appreciate or hate men. It's just nice to appreciate people sometimes. I can appreciate my best friends, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate my family... I can love them both at the same time.

But women are so awesome. And before I really let that go over my head. I loved a bit of girl power, but I didn't really look at how strong each of the women in my life is.

My recent health struggles have made that more noticeable. I'm not quite ready for a whole health post, but it really has made me aware of all of the strong women out there.

I'm loving this girl power at the moment. After being let down by and realising I could not trust someone closest to me, it's been amazing seeing all the love from other women. At the end of the day, it was women who were there for me... through my health struggles, through my relationship struggles, and through my journey to find my path. I was supported by some awesome women.

Women are wonderful. And this is just a shoutout to you all really. Whether you're a mother, a wife, a fiancee, single or whatever in between... you're doing an awesome job. Whether you're a homemaker, you're a full-time blogger, work a 9-5, work for yourself... you've all inspired me in your own ways. I've needed every single one of you to help me on this journey.

Over the past year, I've been through a lot. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, and not one I would have ridden by choice in all honesty. My health fell apart, I was so unhappy with every aspect of my life this time last year... Thankfully, I'm now at a point where I've done a full 180 turn and I couldn't be happier. It was time to do a huge overhaul, just take the time out and learn to appreciate life again. I was letting the days pass without worrying about myself or my own happiness. But the women in my life helped me changed my perspective.

The women who have been in my life for years, those I met during my undergraduate, the amazing women I met during my LLM and those I have met in the last year since leaving. I'm amazed at the strength of you all.

There isn't really a point to this post, in all honesty, I just wanted to dedicate a whole post to the women who have helped me come out the other side of this chaos. The people who kept me going. Rather than telling you in this post, I want to make sure I'm always telling you all individually how much you all mean and how awesome you are.

But I hope you all have a lovely day and keep going if you're struggling at the moment... in any way, please take the time to work things through, and face the challenges however you need to - my inbox is always open if you would ever like support, feel free to drop me an email, or message on any of my social media pages! Don't shy away from seeking medical advice and support if you need to, and always take as long as you need.

I originally gave myself 6 weeks to recover from my.... less than lovely university experience, and it turned into a year. I got home and realised I needed a lot longer. I'm only just well enough again now. So don't force yourselves. Take the time to recover properly, so it doesn't happen again if you can help it.

In the words of Jessica Jung's 'Fly' - you're a hero, you can fly...

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