5 Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

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I've been spending a lot of time working on my interior decor, last year I moved out of my flat and back into my parent's house. Back to the bedroom, I've lived in for the past 15 years. It obviously needed a refresh and to adapt to my lifestyle now. 
So I've been making plans and started making changes on my bedroom and bathroom. Rather than going out and getting everything at once, I've been collecting items as I've been finding them. So it's taking a little longer, but then I know I'm getting the pieces that I actually want. 

So I share a bathroom with my younger brother. I didn't think he'd appreciate the theme I had in my flat bathroom - I used to have a cute French Country vibe, lots of florals and pastels - so I decided to take it from the start again. I scrolled through Pinterest and worked through what I loved in a bathroom. I love spa-style bathrooms, lots of natural elements. I wanted to work with lots of wooden and slate textures, and most importantly... lots of plants! I love the look of plants in the bathroom, I love the colour scheme and I love my bathroom. It's my relaxing space, and so I knew I needed somewhere I could chill out. 

The bathroom was originally nautical themed, and so you'll see little bits of that in the pictures (still stuck with a blue blind and things for now whilst I'm picking alternatives!). I'm jumping on the living decor trend and adding in a selection of plants and flowers to try and add a slightly different style, I didn't want to have a selection of trinkets. The shelves used to have some blue bottles on, which were the world's biggest dust collectors! So I wanted something beautiful and practical!

I went off to research and start gathering all of my materials. At the moment, the bathroom is about half-way there, I've got almost all of the plants I want... and then I need to move onto the flooring and things next. 

I decided it was safer to stick to artificial plants inside of the actual shower, this shelf is inside my shower...and so it's permanently getting wet. So I've got an artificial plant in there now if anyone has any real plants that are happy to be drenched in water though... I've still got space for one more! 

I already had all of the plant pots (a throwback to my old kitchen garden) I think they were around £1-2 each from IKEA. Each of the artificial plants was also from IKEA and were £3 each. And they look great! Because the plants and the pots were both from the same store, I was able to test the plants in the pots before I bought them to check they fitted well. 

Definitely going back soon to get some more of these plants for other areas as well, they also have an ivy plant which looks awesome. These are definitely great for areas that you're not sure a plant would survive well though. 

But just remember, whilst you get to enjoy the beauty of plants with an artificial plant... you're not able to appreciate the benefits of the plants without having a real one. Your artificial plant is not going to cleanse the air for you... and so best to keep the balance between real and artificial. 

For this reason, I also grabbed an Aloe Vera plant at the same time... also from IKEA... for a steal at £2.50! Yes! This large Aloe Vera for only £2.50

(The leaves may have burned a little the other day when I was repotting the plant - check out my Instagram to see more on my gardening attempt!) 

As you can see, I cut one of the leaves the other day to use the Aloe Vera gel after being out in the sun. I love Aloe Vera plants because they're beautiful and practical! They look lovely in a garden!

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I'm now looking to add in some climbing plants. I have a large mirrored cabinet (which I could not for the life of me find a good way of photographing!) but I'd love to work one of these plants around the outside of the cabinet! 

If you're looking for a new cabinet or bathroom fixings, then check out Pebble Grey and if you click the link, I've even got you guys a discount code so you can order bits a little cheaper! So far I've only made the small changes, but updating your bathroom and doing a whole refit can get expensive... and so every little can help!

I just love the colour schemes and the feel plants create. It's so easy to keep a pretty and simple room when you add in a plant to add both colour and texture to your space. And there are so many low maintenance plants for those of us that aren't natural gardeners! The next goal is to grab some smaller plants to dot around, some succulents and things. I'm loving how low maintenance the Aloe Vera is as I can go away for a few days and not worry about them!

Check out my Pinterest board on bathroom renovation to get some tips and ideas on how to do your own projects!

What's your bathroom like? Are you redoing any of the rooms in your house at the moment, if so where are you doing? 

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This post was sponsored, however I only choose sponsored and collaborative content that fits with my blog and what you would like to see!

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