PR Policy

If you've made it to this page on my blog then you're probably either curious or a PR representative, so here's how I'm handling collaborations and sponsored posts:

  • I am happy to consider a sponsored post if I feel it fits in with my blog's niche and that it (the product/service/etc.) would be useful to promote to my blog audience. 
  • I will mark all sponsored posts - whether this is paid or gifted - as such. 
  • All opinions will be my own, I will allow companies to give information they would like to be included, but will not accept deals that involve "give us a positive review". 
I would like to offer a genuine service and be able to give reviews and opinions that can genuinely be trusted. I feel this is the best approach for all parties.
If you would like to contact me for a collaboration then feel free to email me at:
(Happy to do guest posts if you would like to be considered for one, feel free to just drop me an email or message on any of my social media pages and I'll get back to you!)