This blog aims to comply with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This hopefully shouldn't change anything in terms of how I operate the blog because any data you have given me in the past was already being protected in this way, but here's a breakdown of the services I use and what data has been collected, and what happens to your data. 

I will never sell your data, your personal data will not be shared with companies without your consent and I aim to be and shall always be 100% transparent, any questions feel free to shoot me a message to ask for more information.


My blog is hosted through blogger. I aim to keep any information and data shared private and confidential. Blogger is able to store personal data as specifed in their privacy policy.
I am able to look at information through this service - such as pageviews and what country these are from. 


I use Disqus to manage my comments. My comments are therefore managed by a third party. I am currently able to view personal data when managing and administrating these comments. Any information available will not leave the site (any email addresses you leave in the comments will not be used to sign you up to my mailing list for example).
Disqus collects cookies, personal data, usage data and various other types of data. More information can be found in the privacy policy for this service.


I now use MailChimp as my mailing list provider. This was set up after GDPR was announced and so all emailed will be collected in line with the new regulations. You are always able to unsubscribe to my emails if you no longer wish to receive them and will only be added to my mailing list if you sign up through the links on my blog. 
By signing up to my list, I will have access to some of your personal data - your first name and email address. These will be seen by myself and my mailing provider (Mail Chimp). I will not share this information with companies unless you have consented to this.

Social Media Widgets

I currently have an Instagram widget on my blog. This collects personal data - specifically cookies and usage information. I cannot view any of this data and all data is with the external provider.

I also have a "Pin it" button for social media which allows you to pin my images directly to your Pinterest boards. This also collects cookies, usage information and various data. I do not look at this data. 

Other Information

I do not currently use any advertisements on my blog or run competitions/giveaway and have not received any paid sponsorship.

In terms of data on other platforms, I use Planoly to view Instagram statistics and plan my feed. I use Hootsuite for Twitter. I also have follower apps for both platforms that allow me to track my followers - through these apps I am able to see who follows me and who I am following, I am only able to view the data you have made available to me. 

Owner and Controller

I am the owner of this blog and the only person controlling the administration and data of this site. Any email addresses and personal data will only be handled by myself and shall only be used for the purpose for which you gave it to me - if you signed up to my mailing list, your email will stay on the MailChimp platform and not be used elsewhere. 

Feel free to ask me for more information if you would like it, I'm more than happy to answer to the best of my ability. You can contact me via email here.

Last updated: 24th May 2018 - 11:08pm